Transport of cyclists, luggage, bicycles, handbikes, tandems, bike carts...

We offer daily transport services to cyclists from Dečín and its surroundings, to visitors of Czech Swiss National Park, to cyclists taking the rivers Elbe and Vltava cycle paths on the Prague/Dresden route and to cyclists on the remoter routes in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe.

Our services can be used to transport the bikes, luggage or people    to    the    start    of    the   journey   or   just   transport

breakdown, bad weather or other unforeseen events, you can use our
cycle-taxi. We have capacity for up to sixteen cyclists, including luggage and bikes.

the luggage between hotels along the planned route. In case of transport of cyclists, bicycles and luggage between accommodation facilities is provided by two eight seater vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with eight wheels holders. Four bicycles are transported on the roof rack (on which are also transported tandems and handbikes and another four bikes are carried on a carrier on the tailgate of the vehicle. Both vehicles can be connected to lift another 12 classic bikes or 3 handbikes. We will take care not only of bikes but also bike carts for children, handbikes or tandems.